Increasing your Conversion Rates in eCommerce

I meet a lot of people and business owners that are interested in increasing conversion rates on their eCommerce websites.

Here is my list of 5 UX steps to help you increase your conversion rates and sales online. Also, estimates of return for each of these steps:

1) A UX audit of your checkout process, including adding tabs, clear indicators to help your user’s move forward through the process and customizations in your checkout that align with your brand can increase your conversion rate by 16-17%.

2) Converting your checkout process into one page versus multiple pages can increase your conversion rate by 25% or more.

3) Optimizing your checkout to boost your page speed can increase your conversion rate by 65%. Performance is very important. I have found that 1-5 customers will abandon your checkout if it loads slowly.

4) Removing the top level navigation on your checkout will increase sales by 14% or more. This helps guide them through the checkout with less distraction.

5) Forcing customers to create an account before they checkout results in about 50% Decrease in Cart Abandonment.

Are you interested in getting some help in performance issues on your eCommmerce Website? Or are you are interested in what you can do to help improve your conversion rates and sales online?

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