January 12, 2017

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Nikki Wolfe

Nikki Wolfe 2017

From the time that I was little, teachers (from elementary school on) had stated to my parents that I was the most artistically advanced child they had ever taught (at my age) and were blown away by talents. I loved to draw and paint and I still do as an adult!

On a completely different note, when I was 8 years old, my dad gave me an old Macintosh computer. I was completely inspired during this time and I was determined to learn Basic C++ programming. I desperately wanted to understand how some of these programs that I used worked. I eventually taught myself Basic C++ and built a space invaders game. I still have this old mac at my house, today!

I remember when my household got our first internet connection: AOL Dial-up. (You know, the old days, when your brother or sister would hang-up the other phone in the house a few times and knock you offline, so they could call their friend?) I was 12 years old. I was so fascinated by the internet that I started building and designing websites through angelfire and geocities. I taught myself HTML and CSS during a time when my only options for animation was a text scrolling marquee.

After high school, I decided to further my education in art and design. I attended an art university in the Chicago area for about 2 years and took course work in multimedia design and then transferred to Savannah College of Art and Design. At SCAD, I was up against students that were determined to be the top in the world, as was I. A lot of people ask me about my experience at Savannah College of Art and Design. I had a positive experience. I was highly challenged. I enjoy challenging environments and I tend to thrive in them. Also, I was introduced to a lot of very passionate, insanely talented artists and designers from all over the world. Some of which are still very close friends of mine.  I graduated from SCAD in 2005 with a BFA in Graphic Design.

Following college graduation, I took my design education and my sell-taught programming skills and found jobs leading big initiatives online before UX was even “a thing.”

I designed and coded. At that time, I was this unique unicorn that had both sides of the brain and I did both very well. I could design and build what I was creating. I was the architect that could also build the house.


I am a Senior UX Design leader/consultant and I have lead eCommerce design and large enterprise projects  and implementation on both a national and global scale. It’s been a wild ride and a lot of learning along the way. I have also lead design for mobile applications, internal client-side software for businesses, and in-store custom configurator kiosks that were launched in retail environments like: Bed Bath and Beyond, Lowe’s and Macy’s.

A UX design leader has to be able to design and redesign from the ground up. This means knowing the traditional ways to utilize HTML, CSS and Javascript, but also knowing when to cut away and implement fresh perspectives. I have a strong portfolio that shows a fluency in OmniGraffle, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Axure, Invision and unique ways to create wireframes and cutting comps. While maintaining focus on business goals, I never lose sight of developing a maximized user-centered experience. I’ve worked on an Agile team for the past 4 years. I’m a certified ScrumMaster. I have a strong experience in working with enterprise level eCommerce platforms and I understand the infrastructure well.

I love innovation. I love working with businesses and talking to businesses about the challenges they face in the UX realm, as well as their goals. I love teaching people about UX. I have worked in leading design in technology for brands we all know and love. I am a enthusiastic self-starter and I know how to move forward without a lot of supervision creating exceptional interfaces that are elegant and easy-to-use. I love being challenged with a complex business or design problem and solving it. Most importantly, I love what I do for a living.

I hope to work with you in the future on your next project. I like building great and meaningful relationships with people. Please feel free to contact me, even if you are a fellow UX’er and you want to connect.

I hope to work with you on your next project or chat with you soon! Thank you for stopping by!

Nikki Wolfe

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Some of my More Traditional Work & Photography

Traditional Works & Photography

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[img src=http://nikkiwolfe.com/wp-content/flagallery/traditional-works/thumbs/thumbs_screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-9-44-01-pm.png]60
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